Jorefco specializes in manufacturing high-quality tippers designed to meet diverse customer requirements. Our tippers are built to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and efficiency in various industries and applications. Here are the key specifications of our tipper models:

  1. Under Body Cylinder Type: Our tippers are equipped with under body cylinders, which provide reliable lifting power. The capacity of these cylinders ranges from 2.5 cubic meters (CBM) up to 8 CBM, ensuring efficient loading and unloading of materials as per our customers’ specific requirements.

  2. Front and Multi-Stage Telescopic Cylinder: We offer tippers with front and multi-stage telescopic cylinders for enhanced lifting capabilities. These cylinders enable a larger load capacity, ranging from 10 CBM to 22 CBM or as per customers’ specific needs. The telescopic design ensures efficient hydraulic lifting and dumping of materials.

Tipper Truck Features

Our Vehicles are:


Heavy Duty

Light Duty

Refrigerated Truck Specification

-        Chassis Model/TypeSINGLE CABIN (Free issued by Client)
-        Wheel Configuration6x4 Chassis
-        Gross Vehicle Weight 40 TON
Body ConstructionAll welded steel construction to specification ASTM Gr. A36 / or Equivalent.
Body DimensionINTERNAL LENGTH: 5,500mm
Volume18 Cubic Meters
Sides6mm MS plate stiffened horizontally and vertically with pressed section channel using 3mm / 4mm. & 5mm plate Horizontal Stiffeners.
Headboard 6mm MS plate stiffened vertically with pressed section channel using 3mm MS plate.
Floor8mm MS plate mounted on a heavy duty hollow tube reinforced with pressed section channels using 5mm MS plate as cross members.
Tail Gate6mm MS plates with vertical stiffeners using 3mm pressed section channels and connected to the body with heavily forge hinges on the top.
Cabguard4mm MS plate with vertical stiffeners with pressed section channels using 3mm MS plate for the protection of the Cab.
Chassis Mounting Brackets & SubframeU’ Bolts fixing at front of Chassis mounting brackets by 8mm plate with 8.8 Gr. Lock nuts with plain and spring washer double nuts fixed to 150mmx75mmx6mm. UPN Channel / Rectangular Hollow section tube, with channel as cross members. With cross bracing at sch.80 Pivot hinges pipe & Bushes.
Stabilizer AssyMade of heavy steel structure. Moving joints of high tensile steel shaft and bushes with grease nipples.
As per client specification.
Hydraulic SystemTelescopic multi 3 stage hoist, Front end Jack mounted directly to the PTO flange. Hydraulic reservoir is mounted on the chassis runner with oil level gauge and return line filter operation of the tipping system is pneumatically operated from the drivers cabin with built in PTO safety protection.
ControlsOperation of the tipping system is from the driver’s cabin.
LightsOriginal Rear lights and rear signal lights will be used.
WiringOriginal chassis wiring will not be altered only supply wiring will be added for the mechanical and electrical accessories.
SupplyOriginal Chassis Battery supply will be used
Body Accessories1.)    MS Steel Mudguards on rear axles.
2.)    Access ladder at the driver’s side at the front
3.)    Rope Hooks on each body sides, Door, and canopy for tarpaulin ring.
4.)    Side Bumper with Reflective sticker.
5.)    Rear Bumper with Reflective sticker.
6.)    Side Marker Lights 3 / per side.
Body Paint One (1) coat of Zinc rich Epoxy primer and Top Coats of High Gloss Polyurethane finish paint. single color.

Tipper Truck Drawings

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