Marrel Skip & Hook Loader

Strengthens UAE Fleet with Reliable Marrel Skip Loaders & Hook Loaders

Discover the dynamic collaboration between Jorefco and MARREL, unveiling unparalleled solutions for your industrial needs. Partnering with Marrel, we introduce the Skip Loader MB18, renowned for its reliability and robustness, This workhorse is the ideal partner for daily tasks in demanding industries such as construction, demolition, and waste management. Its compact size and maneuverability make it perfect for navigating tight spaces, while its robust design ensures it can handle even the toughest materials.

Embrace efficiency with the Hook Loader HIGH AL26, boasting an impressive 26-ton capacity. This versatile machine streamlines waste collection, transportation of construction materials, and a variety of other demanding tasks.

Industries across the UAE, from construction to waste management, benefit from our partnership’s innovative offerings. Elevate your operations with Jorefco and MARREL’s cutting-edge solutions, ensuring productivity and success.

MArrel Hook Loader Features

AL26, your MARREL HIGH hydraulic hooklift, with a 26T capacity.

As part of the HIGH range, the AL24 hooklift combines performance, robustness and efficiency.

This is our bestseller in the HIGH range. It can be installed on Various Trucks from 26 to 32T.

The Advantages


Available controls: electrical, remote control

Front hydraulic lock

PANTO, extendable or fixed rear underrun protection

Additional hydraulic lines (for cranes, rear tipper trailer…)

High speed when setting down

Hook with mechanical or pneumatic safety latch

Vehicle stability systems

Attachments brackets suited for various truck models

MArrel SkipLoader Features

Discover our MB18

The MB18 Multibenne® Mis the iconic skiploader model of Marrel. Its reliability and its robustness make it the ideal partner for your daily tasks.


The Advantages


Available controls: remote control

Cradle-mounted skiploader

Roller stands or pivoting runners

High speed when setting down

Rear spreader with 1, 2 or 3 hooks

Rear chains for better tilting

Attachments brackets suited for various truck models

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