Jorefco Truck Mounted Loader Fassi Cranes

Jorefco has established a valuable partnership with Fassi Cranes, a renowned manufacturer of truck-mounted knuckle boom crane & stiff boom crane. As per customer demand, Jorefco integrates Fassi Cranes into their trucks, offering a seamless combination of reliable truck bodies and efficient lifting capabilities. Fassi Cranes are widely recognized in the industry for their exceptional quality, advanced technology, and robust performance.

This integration provides business sectors such as construction, Municipal Services, Logistics, Manufacturing and Industrial Operations ability to transport and handle heavy loads with ease, efficiency, and safety

Crane Features

Our Cranes are:


Jorefco’s partnership with Fassi Cranes brings together the expertise of two industry leaders. This collaboration empowers Jorefco to offer customers high-quality, customizable truck-mounted cranes that excel in

knuckle boom crane Models

F50A.0.21 Crane

Light Duty

F65B.0.21 Crane

Light Duty

F50A.0.22 Crane

Light Duty

F115A.0 Crane

Light Duty

F155A.2 Crane

Medium Duty

F175A.0 Crane

Medium Duty

F215A.0 Crane

Medium Duty

Stiff boom crane Models

XR310 Crane

Stiff Boom Crane

XR714 Crane

Stiff Boom(Cargo) Crane

Block crane Model


Block Crane

Cranes Specification

F50A.0 Craneup to 4,70 tmup to 9,25 ml 0,58 m, w 2,06 m, h 1,77 m
F65B.0 CraneHighest moment 6,30 tm / 62 kNmup to 10,65 mw 2,30 m, l 0,65 m, h 1,95 m
F115A.0 CraneHighest moment 11,6 tm / 114 kNmup to 16,50 m with jibw 2,30 m, l 0,80 m, h 2,20 m
F155A.2 Craneup to 14,9 tmup to 22,55 m with jibl 0,94 m ,w 2,44 m, h 2,36 m
F195A.0 Craneup to 18,6 tmup to 20,70 m with jibl 0,87 m, w 2,46 m, h 2,25 m
F215A.0 Craneup to 20,1 tmup to 23,60 m with jibl 0,87 m , w 2,46 m , h 2,25 m

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